“Research indicates that a child who is exposed to the arts acquires a special ability to think creatively, be original, discover, and innovate which are key attributes for individual success and social prosperity in the twenty-first century.” 

- International Child Art Foundation



Be sure to look for our Paint & Play events where kiddos will learn a few facts about a famous artist then express their creativity by painting their own masterpiece on a canvas. Allowing opportunities for kiddos to express themselves through art improves problem solving skills, allows time for creative thinking and develops confidence!




Check out our Clay Date events where you can spend quality time with your little one and both take a turn at making a clay creation. Working with clay is not only fun, but when kiddos squish the clay between their fingers or roll it into a ball , they are exercising the muscles in their hands and improving their fine motor skills!



Hosting a playdate and need a fun and engaging activity or looking for something fun to do as a family?  Pop in Play Street Museum and take your pottery 'TO GO'!  We provide everything you need to complete your project then simply return the piece(s) to us to go through the firing process! We will call you when they are ready to be picked up!


There are 3 different options to Paint Your Pottery


IN STORE while you play

In addition to playtime, anytime you visit Play Street Museum you can paint a piece of pottery for yourself or a loved one! 


TAKE HOME for a fun/easy activity

Looking for a fun Play Date craft or special family night activity, pick up pottery and all the supplies you will need ‘TO GO’ and get creative!  


Throw a PARTY!

Want to offer an additional activity for your child’s birthday party?  Add on a piece of pottery for each child to paint.



I ran out of the paint I received from PSM, can I use the paint I have in our craft closet? 

NO, NO, NO!  Using any other type of paint will either cause the pottery to break in the kiln or the paint will melt all over the kiln and other pottery pieces.  


Why can’t I use a paint brush from my craft closet? 

If the paint brush is brand new and has NEVER been used then it is fine.  If it has ever been used it could have left over paint in the bristles or ferrule and could contaminate the paint/glaze that is used for PYOP.


Can I drop my PYOP off at any PSM location? 

Ideally, every PYOP piece would be dropped off and picked up at the PSM location where it was purchased.  


I dropped my piece of pottery and it broke...can I pick up another one free of charge? 

Play Street Museum is not responsible for pottery after it leaves a PSM location.  Please know that bisque is breakable and you must be very careful.


Is my pottery microwave and dishwasher safe? 

A lot of PYOP shops will tell you it is...but it isn’t.  They are food safe...but please do not use in the microwave and please hand wash your pottery.


What happens if I do not use 3 coats of glaze? 

Without 3 coats of the foundations glaze, your piece will not have a solid color and could be streaky.  


Can I purchase pottery from Play Street Museum for a PYOP party or event I am hosting?

Absolutely!  We can even custom order items for you if you give us at least 3 weeks notice.  We offer a 15% discount when purchasing more than 10 items at one time.

If I host a party at my house using pottery from Play Street Museum, can my guests pick up at a Play Street Museum location? 

Yes, we will notify you when the pottery is finished and you can contact your guest list and your guests can pick it up at a designated PSM location.  


Can Play Street Museum personalize my pottery once it has been painted? 

YES!  All we need is the name or monogram and the color and we will personalize your item before it is fired.


Can Play Street Museum Craft Co. personalize my pottery once it has been fired? 

NO, unfortunately the pottery needs to be personalized before the pottery is fired.   


Does pottery ever break or crack during the firing process? 

Occasionally, a piece will crack or break during the firing process.  In the event that this happens to your piece, we will notify you. We will replace the piece of pottery and will supply you with the paint and brushes to finish another piece, but we are unable to refund your money.  


How long does it take to receive my pottery once I drop it off at Play Street Museum? 

We guarantee to have it back in two weeks..but often times it is sooner!  


How long do I have to pick up my piece of pottery? 

Once your pottery is finished we will notify you via email.  We will hold your pottery for 30 days from our first attempt to contact you.  After 30 days we will either donate or discard any pottery that has not been picked up. 

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